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Part-Time Farming as the Road to Riches

by Robert

The best thing about farming is that it allows you to become an eccentric -- everybody around you expects this -- which is enough all by itself to gradually make you rich. Consider: Farmers typically stay on the same farm forever, thus relieving… more »

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Hilarious! Thanks for the yuks after a morning working inches deep in mud (from endless rain) mixed with rotting chicken feed, rotting hay, and lots of chicken poop. You can probably smell it from there!

05/05/09 @ 09:30

City People Are Crazy

by Robert

Recently, some teenagers in my area were camping out and decided to kill and eat a duck for their supper. Bad idea. They were caught. Now, in the real world, this would have been treated like the imbecile case of poaching that it is, but Benton County… more »

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Comment from: kderby

I just had a deputy relate that in my county the law enforcement will leave you alone if you are feeding your family. The deputy is retired and I am not in need of meat, it just came up in a converstaion. The deputy said if you are killing for the trophy or selling the meat they would be glad to throw the book at you. Shooting a dry doe in the orchard for family vittles is tolerated.

This might be a good litmus test for the rural condition of your community.


11/12/08 @ 12:47