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Five Hammers: Quantity over Quality

by Robert

I can never find a hammer. Or a shovel, for that matter. I've got one around here someplace, but that doesn't get the ditch nailed. One day I couldn't stand it anymore -- I was spending way more time looking for hammers than I was using them. So I… more »

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Comment from: John Sealander
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Yes Robert, I had the same realization a few years ago after spending several hours each day ‘huntin up’ tools on some other part of our little farm. Out in the barn I need the hammer..oh its over at the house. Down in the pasture/garden I needed the shove…oh, its up in the barn. Nope, not there must be over at the house…GAWD! Plus I live in the mountains but I swear, 75% of those hikes were all up hill!
Now I have a cheap copy of each tool I use frequently in all those places where I usually work. I don’t get any more work done, but now I spend my breaks sittin and thinkin rather than hiking all over the mountain side. I may have to join a gym!

05/10/09 @ 03:58